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October 13, 2007


Geoff Livingston

I agree. PR is really about building Goodwill between an organization and a community, not dropping news releases on the wire. Social media requires a blend of traditional marketing disciplines, and PR is really thrust into the center of that movement. Whether we rise to the occasion is another question.

John Bell

We need to rise to the occasion. We also need to prepare the next generation of communications pros. I started teaching a graduate course this year. I assumed the next gen would intuitively get the whole "conversation" thing - not neccesarily so (although they "got" it much faster). Time to redefine what "public relations" is.

Adam Selig

It was great to do this session with you. I think we all agreed that there are short term issues to work out, but over the long terms people and teams would have to come together to build successful WOM programs.

Rachelle Spero

Sorry I missed your session at Stream. Doesn't the consumer own word of mouth?

Amy Madsen

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