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October 14, 2007


Alison Byrne Fields

I disagree that there's some recipe of "programs" that all companies should include to demonstrate their corporate citizenship - specifically your inclusion of health and education as issues on which "all companies should help." It rings of some kind of bullsh*t recipe for how to be PC ("their" term, not mine) and is just as easy to dismiss as the symphony or golf tournament sponsorship.

I care -- and speak out -- about the issues I care about because I live my life according to a set of principles that have been defined by my unique view of the world. There have been times when those principles have led me to have a perspective that is outside of the confines of what others presume about me, but that is because the perspective is authentic.

That's what I want from the companies with which I do business. I want to know that they have principles and, based on those principles, that they treat their customers, their employees, the world they way that they do.

Care about health and education because your principles tell you to, not because it's something that everyone SHOULD do.

John Bell

Companies should step up to being good citizens. What programs and activities demonstrate that is certianly not a fixed list. BUT I do believe to go beyond just doing "enough" to earn them marketplace credibility, they need to embrace a rigorous program that extends beyond one pet project.

Their is a huge difference between "philanthropy" (your symphony example), sports sponsorships and my idea of this citizenship role.

Companies will adopt a citizenship ideal because they believe in it and because their customers tell them it is good business.

Mike Rundle

John, I agree with your last comment. Too many companies do the "one hit wonder" strategy and expect people who actually do pay attention and do care to automatically think they are now a responsible corporate entity when they still need to prove that.

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