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October 03, 2007


Kevin McMahon

Great examples of comprehensive consumer-directed programs are those designed and operated by healthcordia in the field of diabetes. Results from one of our trials were published at ADA Scientific Sessions earlier this summer. Unfortunately very few people are aware of how the core concepts which Amy refers to have actually been in the hands of hundreds of live patients throughout the US for many years; albeit within carefully monitored clinical trials.

One comment I would also like to make toward the growth of 'social media' techniques in the care of conditions like diabetes is to remind everyone that requiring people with diabetes to spend even more time sitting in front of a computer has the risk of further promoting the sedentary lifestyle. While not intended we need to balance the value of the stationary web with the benefits of an active lifestyle.

We blog on these core concepts almost every day at Challenge Diabetes (www.challengediabetes.com) as well putting them into practice via our healthcordia programs and via superior medical device design at Diabetech.

Andrew Careaga

I had no idea this website existed. I was diagnosed with type II a few years ago. Glad to find this resource -- and such a well-designed site. Thanks.

Paul Chaney

I've known Amy since 2005 when she was just getting Diabetes Mine started. At that time I was the prinicpal blogger for Weblog Inc's healthcare-related blogs, including one on diabetes.

Not being a diabetic myself (even though quite a number in my family are), more than once I would vet information through Amy, asking her opinion and gaining her insights. All I can say is she is one incredible person.

I am so happy for her success. I don't know of a more credible voice speaking to the issue of diabetes than hers.

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