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October 28, 2007


Gordon Collins

I found some online marketing classes on xTrain.com and was wondering if anyone else knows of any others that teach social media and interactive marketing.

John Bell

Are you sure you "found" this site and don't represent it in some way?

Krishna De

John - I ike to think us developing a brand with emotional intelligence - EI in other words.

This is the same for brands online and offline with two exceptions.

I'd be interested in your thoughts - please note this is specifically for service products and personal brands of leaders I think we must:


And for it to be viral online then I would add:

Entertain - it must hold my attention
Involve the audience - get them to take action even if this is just passing on the link

Bringing Your Brand To Life!

Will Fleiss

This probably falls under the category of "talk-worthy", but developing content that is controversial is one method of sparking conversation. A topic that has just as many supporters as it does combatants, is sure to insight enough emotion in readers to get them to share their opinions.

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