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September 27, 2007


Andrew Careaga

Nice summary of this morning's session. I too am attending the conference and this is the first time I've had the chance to see and hear Shel present. As much as I enjoyed his morning keynote, I got more from his "Blogs Gone Wild" presentation in the afternoon.


sounds like a great session. Shel has certainly kept an eye on our evolution and change at Dell, so I am sure his perspective was a great one...and with more to come as Jeremiah Owyang likes to call it, Dell swell. Its chronicled here:

Barry Reicherter

Agree on the 3D comment in terms of virtual worlds, but 3D data visualization is quite helpful for presenting very detailed or multi-layered information. TouchGraph and ThinkMap are providing compelling tools for publishing.

John Bell

Richard - he certainly completed the redmeption part of the story with mentions of IdeaStorm, the blogs, et al. It seems to me from the outside that Dell really has been transformed into a 'voice of the customer' believer. Hope that is true.

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