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September 07, 2007



John - Thanks for the shout out.

As Rodney Dangerfield would say, "I don't get no respect." Although (some) PR folks may think that blogger relations is a down and dirty and free way to create buzz (as we've been discussing it's not that simple) bloggers are often considered 2nd class. While the "buzz" may have value the blogger does not.

Not that bloggers are journalists, but I ask, would a PR professional treat a WSJ or a NYT editor or reporter in the same fashion as many do bloggers? Wouldn't that PR pro first take time to understand the reporter's beat,the publication's focus and begin to build a relationship prior to the first pitch? Combine value, relationships and respect and it's a win for all.

Geoff Livingston

Thanks for the link, John. I know yur local, so I've added you to my reader.

You guys are on the right track. Creating a round of ethics for bloggers is smart. And it deserves it's unique code. I'd say treating a blogger like a journalist could get you in trouble - a la Nikon D80. Let's just say most journalists understand the pitch game, especially when they run into a savvy PR pro who actually does their job in advance (research, etc.). Bloggers are a unique animal...

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