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September 12, 2007


social network

have you reviewed http://www.zooped.com social network ?

social network

have you reviewed http://www.zooped.com social network ?


John - I've been horsing with www.lijit.com. Right now it collects and organizes your affiliations. Simple app is you can post each (or all) of your sites and allow viewers to search across all of them. I haven't spoken to them yet, but assume that they will evolve and allow updates and content your create to be distributed across your sites; in the appropriate form.

I'm struggling to maintain anything adequately while experimenting. I use www.netvibes.com as my reader, and Facebook has a app, but LinkedIn doesn't. Soon, it may be MY requirement that whatever networks or apps I maintain will need to sync with NetVibes.

Rad Tollett

I think the key part of your question was the word "meaningful". My opinion (based on some research conducted by Pew) is that people have "meaningful" online relationships which are finite and "loose" online relationships which are infinite.

By joining another social network, I do not extend my meaningful relationships. I may exchange one meaningful relationship for another, but the total remains the same. Conversely, by joining yet another social network I will build more loose relationships, but these aren't good for much...except when I want to act as an influencer and blanket my entire network with the latest news/story/video/message.

I wrote a piece on the difference between meaningful and loose (core and total) here:


In regards to the super or meta network, I think the walled garden effect is still the biggest hurdle. Wired had a great article on this issue last week:


In the article they speak of Plaxo's Pulse. I have tried it, but it still needs a lot of things to be ironed out before others will join me.

When those walls finally come down, and the meta-social network becomes a reality, the question of "how many" will be moot. I will have "my" social network...always expanding...every meaningful...increasingly loose.


PatientsLikeMe is only if you are in a real bad shape. but www.mdjunction.com and www.dailystregnth.org are for support and sharing of all things you deal with. i think they r better.

Social Networking

I think as many as you can find them useful. Some Social Networks are niche sites so one fits all don’t apply to social sites you need to find the Social Networking that will fit your needs.

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