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September 15, 2007


Unity Stoakes


Hoping you can connect with my partner Steven Krein at Health 2.0 this week. He'll demo the new OrganizedWisdom for the firs time and would be great to get your feedback since we are in early beta. After learning a great deal about social media in health the past year, we have dramatically shifted our focus to organize wisdom all over the Web: we created the first human-guided, doctor-reviewed search service for heatlh to help solve the problem of clutter, spam sites, and poor health search. Our assessment: humans combined with technology is much more powerful than an algorithm on it's own.

We'd love your take if you get time...


Just wanted to mention a free (web2.0ish) medical dictionary visualization tool we developed:
Visual Medical Dictionary

And we also offer a PubMed Research Interface product at CureHunter, free for doctors and medical professionals during our beta.

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