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August 30, 2007


Charlie Kubal

Hi John,

Thanks a lot for covering our poster contest, and we're really glad to hear that you're enjoying Pandora. My name is Charlie, and I've been running the poster contest. Thanks for raising these questions -- we'd definitely like to clarify anything that we've left unclear.

One of our main goals in the contest is to raise awareness of and interest in GlobalGiving, and to this end, we're producing and shipping the winning print to people who donate through our site. We've been promoting the contest via ads on our site -- Dan, our Creative Designer, made a series of great looking ads that you should see popping up intermittently on your stations when you leave feedback. Also, we've included it in e-mails to listeners who have opted into our e-mail list, and have received over a quarter million votes so far. We've been overwhelmed by the number of high quality entries we've received, and people have voted the top 10 into the final round this week.

Also, you'll be happy to know that the 750 entries in the opening round have indeed been preserved, and are still available for viewing here:http://votigo.com/contests/showcontest/2235 . There were tons of high quality entries that didn't make the final round, and I'd definitely recommend checking it out -- some really great work that people have contributed.

As for the contest guidelines, we wanted to give artists creative license in making their posters, without limiting their vision. Certainly, there is a balance to strike between being too strict and not giving enough direction, but our hope was that we'd receive a wide array and variety of posters, and the winning print would be the one that people would be most likely to donate to GlobalGiving to acquire. We're donating the limited edition winning print to donors who donate a minimum amount (around $5), so it will be available to people who want the poster -- not just top donors.

We encourage you to check out our main page for the contest here: http://blog.pandora.com/poster -- you can view entries, vote, and even listen to the artists' inspiration behind each work. Thanks again for weighing in about the contest -- it's easy for us to get wrapped up in the contest, and not realize what we have or haven't made clear. Also, hope you continue to enjoy Pandora -- it's great to hear.


John Bell

Thanks for the detail, Charlie. As I made clear, I am a great fan of Pandora. I think you guys are doing more innovation in "Radio" than anyone right now. My dad, who is 83, is still on the radio in Alabama after a lifelong career. I ran WWEB - my highschool radio station (trust me that was a long time ago and the call letters were prophetic).

I knew there was a lot of sense in what you were doing and I still called it like I saw it at the time. Part of the challenge is spreading out the poster contest entry points to so many places - blog posts, Votigo, GlobalGiving. I wasn't sure where to look for the final and complete word. You have offered a lot of great detail in your comment.


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