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August 02, 2007



Agree with your thoughts on needing engagement numbers. So many people sign in daily just to find out if their networks expanded over night. For marketing purposes, these folks need to be separated from those who use these networks to, well, socialize.

Interesting map found here showing the most used social networks by country:


This is a great start. I would like to see this type of approach broken out into further detail. By state, by DMA, by network, etc. I'm envisioning a map similar to the one built out a year ago showing that America is more purple than blue or red.


This is cool John, thanks for posting. I'd be interested (especially after a recent conversation with a colleague who has upped the ROI on their site by adding "community" features) in examples and analysis of the long-tail community developers - we see that in some senses this is working for the big players like Facebook, I wonder, mostly to myself, what's happening in the smaller, niche communities - and if one might find significantly higher or more relevant engagement "scores" in those arenas?

John Bell

What I could also use is a great ethnographic study of different SNS's - how we are all using them. There is not enough real thinking and observation about how we are adopting these services (I use LinkedIN one way, Facebook another)

Jinal Shah

Danah Boyd is your person for such kind of thinking.

Chris Guest

Thanks for this. You are right to highlight that the engagement metrics are missing.

Another factor not discussed is the authenticity of users. We all know that MySpace suffers from an abundance of spammers, plants and pornographers registering pages and requesting friend connections with genuine users. It would be interesting to know what percentage of registered users are genuine, or even active at all.

One network/site that is currently not featuring on the league tables, but is worth watching out for is Last.fm. I've written-out some thoughts at http://guesto.wordpress.com/2007/06/26/lastfm-set-to-overtake-myspace/ as to why I feel that it will become a big player and eventually rival MySpace in the depth of engagement stakes.



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