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July 23, 2007


Jere Doyle

Thanks for the interest in our survey data. We couldn’t agree with you more about the importance of pharmaceutical companies building their brands by building trust among consumers. That’s exactly what I am suggesting pharma brands do – build a database of self-profiled consumers who have raised their hands and requested specific information about how to treat their ailments. This interchange allows pharma companies to provide valuable, educational communications (e-newsletters, information kits, etc) to consumers...providing valuable health information to consumers while highlighting their product...that reflect consumers’ specific treatment needs. Inviting consumers into the discussion helps pharma companies build brand loyalty and foster long-term, mutually beneficial, trustworthy relationships.

David Wescott

Thanks for this post, John. (You may recall we met at a blogger roundtable with the Council of PR Firms.)

I found it interesting that the chief sponsor at WebMD was Wyeth, but the ad campaign they developed was about menopause. I'd love to know your thoughts on this approach.

John Bell

Jere - makes sense. Can pharma meet their business goals by this type of relationship-building, condition-leadership, and stay away from the broad-stroke ad campaigns? Pharmaceutical companies make products that we all need. Many save lives, improve the quality of life. If they need to create customer "pull" are they better off building relationships and activating WOM/recommendations amongst those whom they have helped? I am certian that my comment is naive to the sales machine in pharma.

David - Haven't seen the campaign. But if they identify themselves, I would guess it's pretty fair.

michael jones

An interesting post.My opinion is that there are few sites where we can get a proved answer to our general health questions.I don't like the fact that some pharma web sites are not fully honest with us.

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