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June 16, 2007


Luke Armour

JB: I was one of the few PR folk to attend the digital conference. My first question was: "what kind of a digital conference doesn't have wireless?" but I noticed I was one of the few people with a laptop. Not a high percentage of bloggers in that crowd, I gather.
Nice reference to Navin Johnson, btw.
As a PR person I was stimulated by your session the most. I like advertising, but PR is where my heart is. I really enjoyed seeing how you guys are tackling engagement and building relationships via the Web. Enlightening. I wish more ad agencies, especially those with PR components, were as active in that space. We fight the good fight.
My thorough response to your query regarding PR and Ad integration will take too long here, but I feel not enough is being done. Excellent campaigns partner both early on, making sure both components are getting face time with the client to get the best results for the client. Too often we see hiring an ad or pr firm too late in the process and we lose out on their expertise. We need to recognize our strengths, weaknesses and check our egos at the door.

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