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May 05, 2007


Zoli Erdos

After a decade of good experience with Acura I bought a Volvo S80 in 1999. HUGE mistake! Not only because of the increadibly poor quality of the car - which I'm sure they fixed after the first model year - but Volvo's totally arrogant approach to customers: a mix of denial and ignorance. A fool-proof way for Volvo to guarante I will never ever look in their direction.

Stephen Marino

Don't buy a Volvo. Whenever I hear that name I think back to when I was a kid and all these suburban mom's driving around in the big boxy Volvo station wagons so popular in the 70's and 80's. At least back then they were quality cars. Ever since they became Ford's, the quailty has dropped.

Check out BMW and Audi.

Lee McEwan

You can't say anything about a brand on a blog these days without attracting a few trolls can you? This is a conversation about advertising strategy and not the reliability of the cars. Get a life guys.

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