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April 12, 2007


五師兄 (Ng Sze Hin, Leonard)

I understand why Jimmy and Tim proposed such a rule to have real name and email address to check the identity even for leaving comments. I also a reader of Kathy's blog, so I understand the rationale behind such a proposal. But I don't think it is reasonable, especially in Hong Kong where lots of blog "participants" are not really blogger (blog writer), but just blog server and readers. Sometimes they don't even have a nick name, and they are not ready to expose their email address just to read other's blog. However, their comments are part of the "conversation" of the blogosphere and should be treated fairly and equally. If we force everybody to leave a real name and email address, then those voices from those pure reader would be gone.

John Bell

Leonard - great point. It is so hard to define a system that will work, make things better, and do everywhere. We all benefit from the openness of the Internet.

I do believe that individual bloggers should be able to establish their own guidelines as to what they will and wont allow. Even group systems can vote on such things.

But I agree that it will not work everywhere like perhaps Hong Kong.

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