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April 14, 2007


Graham Bird

I was about to rail against your 'simplicity is bad, we need more complexity' message - I'm still an advocate of simplicity in messaging. Upon pondering a little more, I realize that it's not about simplicity or complexity - you are right we CAN handle both. The big problem in the brand sapce is that companies do an abysmal job of delivering their messaging in a consistent and coherent fashion.
The problem is DISSONANCE both between the various messages and between messages and behavior (execution). Humans do a great job of getting that all is not right without always being able to anaylyze exactly why.
The brand being the sum of all the experiences 'I' have with that brand, I then experience it personally and there is, more often than not, a big gap between the two.
The key issue in my mind, is that few companies even get this as an issue.

So simplicity or complexity - whichever you do, do it well and execute to meet your brand promise.

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