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March 08, 2007



excellent points, thx!


Nice notes. I was pretty taken by his freakishly unfiltered enthusiasm....you don't often see that in keynotes: interesting and entertaining.

I'm interested in knowing your thoughts on whether you see PR and internal comms merging in the near future. My feeling is that it's the way it should go...as employees are out there blogging, and being heard and so looking at PR and employee comms as distinct entities misses both opportunities and potential PR challenges.

John Bell

Sandra - thanks for the comment. I would love to see internal comms and PR merge inside many companies for the very reason you bring up: employees are every companies best word of mouth evangelists.

What is the job of internal comms? You are probably in that field and can answer better than I but here's my common sense answer: internal comms facilitates communications amongst employees to reach business objectives. Most companies have a business objective(s) that word of mouth can help with. Building brand, selling product, establishing reputation in a community. All of these things can be helped via positive WOM from employees.

And what about morale? I believe the only strategy that really matters in employee morale is keeping employees excited about the company they work for by keeping a keen eye on how they provide value to customers and the community. That's the same stuff you would want them talking about around the barbecue and coimmunity center.

Let's merge 'em.

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