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March 19, 2007



Thanks for pointing us to this site and sharing your insights and experiences while travelling. I had a look at Softonic and one thing I found particularly interesting was how each international version of the site features completely different products and seems to offer a customized experience. It's a good example of the fact that even if you use the same design template across multiple international versions of a site, localizing your content and experience is ultimately the most important thing.

Tom Clarke

Thanks for the write-up, John. You're too kind. Our offer of dinner stands!

Tom Clarke

By the way, John, I should add that Softonic is Spain's number one website. We're also Europe's number one software site and the world's second largest software site.

John Bell

Tom - I have corrected my post: you are #1.
Rohit - they have separate teams editing the different language experiences really trying to create something specific for those audiences (vs. simple translations)

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