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February 08, 2007



Thank you for your hospitality, agree with you, it is like going home!

I hope you enjoy the book, althuoght it is in chinese. It still a very good souvenir from Hong Kong Bloggers.

Keep in touch.


Thank you John, Hang, Sidekick and everyone for a great couple of days. Great stuff!


hi John.

i wish i were in your gathering last night, but i missed the chance. hope that there will be some other chances later to meet.


Ng Sze Hin (Leonard)

It was all very nice meeting you guys!

I definitely have to keep in touch with you and your folks because I am very interested in absorbing and contributing thoughts and ideas about these ideas.

Please let me know when would be the next "digital influence" thing would happen and I would try to meet you and Jim and Michael and Azwar and Kevin.... and all.

If you would be in Hong Kong next week I would have invited you to be a guest speaker of my class "Applied Marketing". Too bad you have to fly again. Maybe I have to pretend that I know you too well and tell the students about our gathering instead.

John Bell

Great to see so many comments back. We had a terrific time. I am always energized by bloggers who are excited by what they are doing. That gives me energy. Leonard - I would love to speak at your class. I am taking on a teaching job this summer for grad students and may need to get some tips from you. In the meantime, Jim would make a great speaker at your class.


manual trackback:

John, nice to meet you!
Thanks for mentioning me, I feel like a star~ ^O^

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