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January 03, 2007


Shashi Bellamkonda

Revolution Health is taking a healthy first step in creating a social network for the health care vertical and filling the need for authentic content relating to something as personal as health.
When we were expecting our second child I used Google to try to find information that Revolution Health has readily available. Closest competition I can think of is WebMD.
One thing I am not sure of if if I would pay a monthly fee for this.


It's all good there at Revolution, and this is a great review! It raises a question: in the lifespan of this kind of Social Networking, particularly in healthcare, has it occurred that online communication is so robust, so real and emotional, that users seek/need different kinds of communal interactions that will expand the total experience? They form (OR THE ONLINE ENTITY ARRANGES) Live Experiences that embodies the brand, pulses new conversations and energies that ultimately steers people back to the portal? Kinda experiential user groups (actually, experiential marketing). It seems that if Revolution is really a "call to action", that its communities will naturally burst through technology and the crowds will gather to learn and inspire one another, real time. After the event, back to the site they go, zeal renewed, strength restored - the virtuous circle!

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