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December 14, 2006



Yep, Brains on Fire (Spike, Virgina, Geno in particular) are my heroes. They rock. Hard.

Geno Church

Hey John, I'm very honored and humbled by your comments. You grow up fans of The Mets, or The Red Soxs. Mine are the Raiders, the Braves, the Celtics and my beloved Furman Paladins. But I have to also throw Ogilvy in the mix. I read Ogilvy on Advertising my first year of college. And that book is the main reason I chose this field. It does my heart good to see my idol agency have such a presence at WOMMA. And to then see you present and that you get it. Some thoughts about co-creation on the RAGE campaign. Being the small fish we are at BOF and RAGE being a small budget account, co-creation seemed the natural thing to do. I have said many times that a larger budget could have lured us to being heavy handed in the creative process. That's why I think Jake McKee's words of wisdom were so smart "control through participation, not direction."

John it was a pleasure to hear you speak again. And from an Ogilvy fan… keep it rockin.

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