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November 13, 2006


Robert French

Nice list of questions. They hit the mark.

One question, which is implied in some of yours, might be whether or not the C-suite has begun blogging or issued any company wide declarations on blogging / social media. An example might be, have you published a blogging policy for employees?

On a side note, I've noticed more and more Ogilvy bloggers online. Does a list of all Ogilvy bloggers exist? I'd like to subscribe to all of them, please.

Robert French

P.S. I know of this link / page (Category: Ogilvy Bloggers http://tinyurl.com/yc4d3f), but wondered if there is a more comprehensive list. Thanks.


Even though Dell has more than 3 million customer contacts every day, you're right to say that it took a lot for the company to embrace social media.

True, social media isn't right for every company -- and your questions get to the heart of the issues. We're four months or so into it, and we're finding the blogosphere to be ripe with opportunities to expand the dialogue with attentiveness to candor and transparency, and build deeper customer relationships.

Alison Byrne Fields

In reference to questions #1 and #2, how about an additional question -- are these blogs read internally? It helps to have individual ambassadors, but eventually it would be good to have an atmosphere where dialogue and idea-sharing among employees via social media are encouraged and maybe even run of the mill? It's not necessarily a threshold qualfier, but I think it's meaningful if a company can answer yes to the question.

In reference to #3, how about "Has senior management stopped making jokes whenever a junior staffer mentions the word "wiki" in a meeting? And if they haven't, does the junior staffer keep mentioning the word anyway because they know that it's relevant and they'll have the boss' job in a few years anyway?"

Okay, maybe not. ;)

Others to think about --

"Does your marcom team understand the difference between guerilla marketing and word of mouth?"

"Does orientation in your company include training on how to set up your RSS feeds on the company portal?"

"Does your marcom team understand that uploading a video to YouTube does not necessarily mean that it's a viral video if it's not compelling, unfunny and no one watches it or passes it along?"

That's all I have right now. I'm interested to see what others say.

And, after reading Robert French's comment(s) I'm going to add my blog to the Ogilvy blog feeds.

(And I'm going to post about your post -- and my comments -- on my blog.)


Great idea - I just posted on my marketing blog about it as well. The real challenge is knowing how to get started with social media, and there are lots of great ideas in here for how organizations can overcome any barriers and take that first step.

Mike Mangi

We have put together an interactive version of this quiz. Find your score: http://www.yoursocialmediascore.com

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