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October 06, 2006


Elisa Camahort

Thanks for such a thorough look at all the options. I didn't even know about some of them.

Of course you've nailed it that at BlogHer we made a very conscious decision that asking MommyBloggers to give up the URLs (and, really, brands) that they've sometimes worked long and hard to establish didn't make much sense or adhere to our Mission.

We still believe that sending traffic *out* to Mom (and other) bloggers is the most beneficial path for BlogHer.


Thanks for including Minti in your review. Just one point I would make is that members who blog can "claim their blog" much like Technorati but without the technical claiming code entry and then have part or all of their blog posts replicated on Minti to increase their profile and back-traffic. Note that free membership is just a confirmed email address unlike most other communities. We are happy to pick-up and promote edge content from bloggers wherever they may wish to reside and they need never visit Minti again if they don't want to after this process (of course we hope they do).
all the best
Matt - Minti Co-founder

John Bell

MATT - good to know about Minti. I am obviously skeptical about efforts to "keep" moms or parents within a community that may or may not attract enough critical mass to make them the most valuable communities. At this point, I believe "open communities" are the best approach. Let's build things that help moms in their blogging whatever their goals. let's not try to capture them so-to-speak.

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