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October 17, 2006



Hey! Congrats on being featured at Typepad today!

Patty Seybold

Nice post!

Good examples of Customer Co-Creation..You mention 3 roles: co-creation of marketing, brand and products/services..

I particularly like the co-creation of brand category..(altho I agree with your tail wagging the dog!)..

The 5 roles I came up with in my new book, Outside Innovation, are customers co-creating as 1) lead customers/inventors (that's the products/services design); 2) contributors (contributing their intellectual property), 3) guides (helping other customers by co-creating tagging/navigation, users' guides, etc.), 4) consultants (tell you what you need to do), 5) promoters (market and promote) and as you point out, co-create the brand...



hi John,

Thanks for qualifying a business leap of faith I'd made.

You may be interested to know that I've conceived and will develop exactly a semantic networking platform where the corporate community will be able to co-create brands and products together with the consumer and increase product traction in the marketplace.

It is a HUGE undertaking but I'm meeting with VCs to take it forward.

kind rgds,


Jesse Thomas

we should put a Ogilvy office in second life..


Interesting post. Check out


The community at www.Sailinganarchy.com participated quite heavily in the creation and refinement of a new 10 meter sport sailing boat. Providing advice for the designers and offering feedback on design choices. Ultimately they sold well over 60 hulls (I can't remember the exact number it may be well north of there) without running any advertising the traditional sailing magazines or other avenues of promotion.

They now have a chorus of evangelists to help them continue to sell into this sailing market.

the Flying Tiger 10m is now sailing and new boats are bing built in China as we speak.

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