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September 16, 2006


Alison Byrne Fields

Because, my dear -- and this is where I start sounding like the try conspirary theory believing liberal that I am -- they don't want you to vote!

Election day as holiday, same day voter registration, online voter registration, online voting, the elimination of felon disenfranchisement laws, mail-in ballots -- all the things that would make it easier for people to vote and which have been advocated for for years and just aren't going to happen. Back in 1993, it was considered a huge leap forward that people would be able to register to vote when they applied for a new driver's license at the DMV (the Motor Voter bill)!

I spent three years of my life encouraging other people to vote and there has not been a single time that I have voted that I have not walked out of the polling place CONVINCED that, either due to my own error to due to the errors of the poll workers, my vote was not going to be counted.

But to make you feel better, your vote would have been counted if the likely winner in your super hippy dippy liberal district was not ahead. So do not fret.


So, how did your progressive candidates fair in the results?

John Bell

Stacie -
I think most of the candidates won - no thanks to my vote, I'm sure.

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