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August 03, 2006



"I would suspect that FM has a more exclusive sensibility more like a talent agency (watch out CAA, you don't hvae DOOCE) as well as a fair ad split. "

Just to be clear, John, FM does have some great people, but they are hardly exclusive. Many of us in the BlogHer AdNetwork turned away from FM to go with BlogHer. (Myself included.)

There's plenty of amazing bloggers to go around for all of the ad networks to be happy and successful!

But your take on the whole thing gives a very interesting perspective!

John Bell

One of the things I love about BlogHer is that it seems to have a very inclusive approach to community. Everyone can be a media property.

Whereas I believe FM is trying to establish more exclusivity. You are an A#1 top blogger. Any network would kill to have you. So the fact that you were approached and chose to go with BlogHer seems to support my observation.

Currently, the FM parent blogger stable is limited. If they were to add 50-100 parent bloggers soon, I might feel differently, but I suspect they are sticking with the top trafficked sites. Now, I may have that all wrong.

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