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August 19, 2006



Hey, John.
I think that you might be interested in fundavlog.com and my blog post otday about regarding Crowdfunding... Or at least my observation of the term pver past week or so.

Would love to enagage in conversations with you.




typed too fast. excuse me ;)

Anne Walk

I was one of the judges...er...filters for the seven maps project and, believe me, it was full of frustrations on either end! but, in the end, I feel that it was highly successful.

Funding models for creative content seems to be all the buzz these days and I, for one, am glad to see it.

Stay tuned for a Wordpress plugin, due sometime at the end of September, from Devlon Duthie of loadedpun.com. It promises to open up the funding model as it allows individual sites the ability to solicit their own funds a la Fundable and Have Money Will Vlog.


Here's a thought on SellaBand:

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