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July 29, 2006


Diana Brunson

Hi John. I'm curious about what others believe constitutes a mommy blogger. I understand why Mindy is known as themommyblogger. I love her honesty. What a fun and honest blog she has.

By the way, I believe you linked to the wrong blog. Your link goes to themommyblogger.com instead of themommyblog.net. Unless Mindy owned that domain at one time.:)

Take care.:)

John Bell

Thanks for the comment. I fixed the link and appreciate the catch. Others can speak to the Mommy Blog question, but my experience has been that it is a self-applied title for those who focus on sharing about themselves and their family life.


You're welcome. I like Mindy's blog. She's a good writer and is a fun read. Funny, too.

I guess I could be a Mommy Blogger, but I don't think I have the guts to open up that much.

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