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July 23, 2006


Alison Byrne Fields

I never get the audio tour because, and you may have observed this, I'm not a big fan of following directions. ;)

I like the idea, because I'm confident that it could help museums to attract a broader audience or perhaps just a new generation of visitors who have expectations about moving beyond observation to engagement.

It's an idea that doesn't necessarily need to solely apply to vloggers. If museums were set up with wi-fi, bloggers could be posting live from within a museum if only through text and still photos. Maybe it's something that the new Newseum should consider as a nod to the impact that Web 2.0 has had on mainstream news media -- even if only to promote the launch, whenever that finally happens?

Hurdle #4 -- I wonder if museums would also be concerned that the vlogger tours would lead potential museum goers to think that they now don't need to bother to come to the museum (and pay admission) because a vlogger they trust has already shared all the highlights with them? Reading a blog about a piece of art is obviously not the same as seeing it with your own eyes, but it's still not a baseless concern . . .

Hurdle #5 -- I don't need an expert, but I also don't need a dreadfully dull narration rattled off like the play by play commentary of a family's summer vacation. Can the museum have editorial control -- if only for quality control?

Stace Carter

Nice John, that Fountain always gets my attention - and it's why I changed my major from Communications to Philosophy ("what is art?")oh-so-many years ago.

This is a great idea for the bar - so great in fact that it's being widely adopted already:

I haven't listened to any of these and assume they are developed by the represented institutions - but what a great way to develop interest. I visit the Hirshhorn whenever I get the chance on my trips to D.C., now that I've seen this I'll probably listen to the tour on the three-hour drive into town and be "prepped" for the cultural experience ;-)

All that being said, I think this would be a great category for user-created content - museums often have "special-interest" hours and this would be a great group to get in while developing free PR for the exhibits.

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