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May 07, 2006



I'm with your wife on this one . . . you had to know.

I like to look and see what it was that led people to my blog and I have to laugh when I discover some of the search terms ("tits" and "men's crotches pictures" are my favorites from this past week).

Look at my breasts?!!!! Well, if there's been a recent upsurge in 13 year old boys with breast cancer, I think they're all set. "Look at my breasts" probably ranks pretty high as a search term among that set, along with "jessica alba butt" and "lindsey lohan nipple".

The fact that the model can't even deliver her lines without reading a cue card is not going to win her any points with the supposed target audience (young, blonde, perky and apparently lacking a short term memory -- okay, dumb as a rock).

Of course, I am a huge fan of the Bouce-o-Meter and don't think I didn't select "extreme" level of activity for an FF cup. We all have a 13 year old biy lurking inside of us. (http://www.shockabsorber.co.uk/bounceometer/shock.html)


May I beg you not to present this at the next staff meeting?


Okay, apparently I don't have any short term memory either. It's "check out my breasts" not "look at my breasts".

But I could still say that without looking at a cue card.


Yeah -- I'm with the wife. That is aimed at men and lesbians. The chick in the video acts like the whole thing is a sexual come on.

Not really encouraging me to go buy the t-shirt or get involved with the campaign.

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