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February 26, 2006



Do I buy something because I think some starving child in Africa is going to get a new sweater to wear in 110 degree weather?


Do I buy something because I think the company is going to be one of 3,023 companies to send a box of non-perishables down to the Gulf Coast?


Do I buy something from a company because I have been sucked in by the belief that there are all these really nice people who work there who care about the things that I care about and have great dinner parties during which they drink really good wine and talk about how fabulous the candidates I vote for are and what a big weenie (fill in the blank) is and occasionally talk about giving it all up to live in Nigeria so that they can truly give back to the world -- all because they put out a great annual CSR report that makes generous use of forest green and is printed on really really nice stock?




Am I a sucker?


But you're right. The folks/the companies who do it right, get it right. It has to be something that permeates the entire company. Sponsoring an AIDS Walk doesn't have legs (oh, the pun, I am turning into my father) if the company doesn't have a non-discrimination policy for employees living with HIV.

I remember thinking I had to make a comment because I disagreed with something you said. Now I can't remember what that was.

You're right. As always. ;)

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