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May 26, 2005



My opinion, corporate blogs are a marketing media that can offer a degree of personalization through customer control of the delivered message. I believe the opportunities are significant.

Value of corporate blogs; pricepoint, media opportunities (type, audio, video), limitless bandwidth for various targeted market channels, etc..

I do suspect the major obstacle to this would be brand protection and therefore control of content (i.e. weary of comments and/or content not in corporate control).

So I would look to see an increased but somewhat reserved evolution in ths space.


hugh macleod

So I'm a "useful tool". Heh.

How's Ogilvy doing these days? And why on earth isn't Mark Earls blogging???


Customers are more eager to listen to a company that they know will listen to them.

Hans on Experience

@mike: I would say: PEOPLE will listen more to PEOPLE and not to a company.

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