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May 19, 2005



Glass influence -- Murano Island -- touristy but the ride to the island is fun and the kids will love it.

Chiceti influence at Osteria Al Portego.

Pizza influence at Cip Ciap , across the canal from the west side of Santa Maria Formosa, at Calle Mondo Nuovo 5799


Unless you have time to kill, don't be tempted to accept the free rides to the "glass blowing factories" of Murano that are offered by "touts" in the square or along the waterfront. These so-called "factories" each have two or three glassblowers demonstrating their art. But if you mentally check how many artisans would be required to produce the vast stock which is offered at prices that are generally far higher than in the city shops, you soon realize that most of these places are nothing more than slick marketing operations. Needless to say the "touts" receive a fat commission.


Some inspiration hotspots come to mind for me:

When you need a break from walking in Venice, take the tour of the islands
to see Murano(famous for art glass-making), Torcello (well known for its ancient cathedral) and Burano(brightly colored houses).

Get your art influence by seeing masters like Titian and Tintoretto at the Frari Church and to the Scuola Grande di San Rocco.

Also worthwhile is the Peggy Guggenheim Museum which house masterpiece by Picasso, Kandinsky, Pollock, Chagall... she is buried nearby alongside her dogs.

Lastly... GELATO. It is something worth waiting for. period. The little gelati bar outside the Hotel Noemi is a good one.

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